What was the purpose of the Siros, Ya'im, Mizrekos, bowls forks and pans?


Rashi: The Siros and Ya'im, respectively, were large pots and shovels to remove the ashes from the Mizbe'ach., The Mizrekos were bowls for sprinkling the blood of the Korbanos, The forks were pitchforks used to turn over the pieces of meat that were burning on the Mizbe'ach (flesh-pokers), when only one side was burned. The pans 1 were to take coals from the Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon to the Mizbe'ach ha'Penimi to burn the Ketores.


Which had three sides and were open in front (Rashi, Bamidbar, 4:14).


Why is there an extra 'Lamed in "l'Chol Kelav Ta'aseh Nechoshes"?


Rashi (14:28), Riva: Sometimes a verse puts in a [prefix] Lamed that is not needed, e.g. here, and verse 19, above 14:28, and in Bamidbar 4:32.

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