Why did the Torah list Binyamin seventh, and Yosef at the end?


Hadar Zekenim (1): It wanted to list first Bnei Leah, and then Bnei Rachel, but it wanted to end with Yosef, in order to elaborate about him.


Hadar Zekenim (2): The Torah never lists the Shevatim in order of their birth. Rather, it changes the order [to show that they are equally important] 1 , lest Bnei Leah and Bnei Rachel say to the Bnei Shefachos 'we are more important than you.'


Rashi (Bamidbar 27:1) says that the Torah changes the order of Benos Tzlafchad, to teach that they were equal. One could explain Hadar Zekenim to mean that they are never listed twice in the same order. (The Degalim are always listed in the same order, but then there are verses in between - PF.)

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