What is the significance of the three times "Kos" that are mentioned in the chief butler's dream?


Chulin, 92a: They represent the three cups of punishment that Pharaoh (Egypt) are going to drink - one in the days of Moshe, one in the days of Pharaoh Necho 1 and one together with all the Nochrim.


Rashi (in Pesachim, 108a): The three in the current Pasuk represent three cups in the Pesach Seder - of Kidush, Hagadah and Hallel, and the one in Pasuk 13, the cup of Birkas ha'Mazon. 2


Rashi (92a): In the days of Nevuchadnetzar.


See Torah Temimah, note 5. See also Torah Temimah 6, who cites the Yerushalmi which learns differently than the Bavli and elaborates.

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