What did Esav have in mind when he offered to travel alongside Yakov? Where did he intend that they go?


Rashi, Ramban 1 and Targum Yonasan: He wanted to accompany him on his journey until he arrived at his destination (in Cana'an), and, knowing that Yakov traveled much slower than him, he offered to slow down, to travel at his (Yakov's) pace.


Seforno: He offered to accompany him to Se'ir, which is where he was originally heading (See Bereishis 32:21).


Hadar Zekenim, from a Midrash: Esav asked to divide this world and the world to come. Refer to 33:13:151:1.


Refer to 33:14:2:1*.


What are the ramifications of Eisav's statement "Ve'eilchah Lenegdecha"?


Chagigah 5b: When R. Yehudah, the official spokesman and defender of Yisrael (in their disputations), was abould to die, and he people expressed concern about who would stand up for them once he was no longer there, citing this Pasuk, he explained that Yisrael and Rome were on a par with each other, and that if there was nobody to defend Yisrael, Rome would have nobody to attack them. 1


Due to 'Ma'aseh Avos Si'man le'Banim'. See Torah Temimah, note 8.


What are the implications of the fact that initially, Eisavsaid "Nis'ah Veneilechah ,,, !", and then Ya'akov said "Ya'avor Na Adoni Lifnei Avdo"?


Avodah Zarah, 8b: Twenty-six years, Rome abode by the agreement


רש"י: נסעה כמו נסע, והנו"ן יסוד בתיבה: מה כוונת רש"י?


גור אריה: בפשטות "נסעה" פרושו 'נִסע' בלשון רבים, ולכן מדגיש רש"י שהנו"ן כאן חלק מהשורש.


רש"י: נסעה כמו נסע, והנו"ן יסוד בתיבה: למה לא פירש רש"י שזה 'נִסע' בלשון רבים?


גור אריה: נסיעה פירושה העתקה ממקום למקום, ולכן נכון לומר זאת רק על יעקב ולא על עשיו שחוזר למקומו.

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