Why does it say above "l'Yaakov Ben" (30:5), and here "Ben Sheni l'Yaakov"?


Malbim: The bigger Chidush is taught first. Above, the Chidush was that the son was attributed to Yaakov. Now, this was already known; the Chidush is that she had a second son. Also for Zilpah's son, it says "l'Yaakov Ben," and "Ben Sheni l'Yaakov" (30:10,12). 1


After we know that Bilhah's first son is considered Yaakov's, what is the Chidush of Zilpah's? This is fine according to the opinion that Yaakov did not marry Zilpah before Gad was conceived (refer to 30:9:2:3 - PF).


Targum Yonasan says that Bilhah and Zilpah were freed before Yaakov married them. If so, why is Bilhah called "Shifchas Rachel"?


Ha'amek Davar (to 30:3,7): This shows that she was unlike Hagar, who [after she became pregnant] belittled Sarah. Bilhah continued to [respect and] serve her, like her Shifchah (even though she was freed).

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