What did Rivkah have in mind when she told Yaakov to stay with Lavan "Yamim Achadim"?


Rashi #1: She meant literally for a few days.' 1


Rashi #2 (to 29:18): When Yaakov volunteered to work seven years for Rachel , he had in mind the "Yamim Achadim" 2 that Rivkah 3 mentioned. 4


Refer to 27:45:151 and the notes there.


As the Pasuk indicates there (in 29:20).


It seems that, in spite of Rivkah's incredible sharpness, Yaakov knew Esav better than she did. In fact, they both underestimated the extent of his hatred. Refer to 27:45:151:2 4

. (EC)


If Yaakov understood that this was his mother's intent, why was he punished for Bitul Kibud Av v'Em for all his years in Beis Lavan? Even if she sent for him to return right after, this was Ones! Perhaps because he stayed even after the Ones finished, he was punished also for the seven years. Or, this is unlike the Midrash that he was punished for those years. (PF)


Why does it say "Chamas Achicha," and in the next verse, "Af Achicha"?


Malbim: Chemah is inner anger. Af is revealed, what he wants to avenge. Esav had Chemah against his parents for arranging that Yaakov get the Berachos (or confirming them), but he could not show it openly. Regarding Af (27:45), she said "Mimcha," for it was against Yaakov. He wanted to kill him, lest he be a slave to him. He did not have inner anger against him, for Yaakov acted for his own benefit.


Ha'amek Davar (to 27: 44,45): Chemah is anger guarded in the heart for several days. She was concerned for lest Esav chase him to where he goes, therefore she warned him to stay absolutely with Lavan for some days. After Chemah subsides, he will not pursue you, so you need not be absolutely with Lavan. However, do not return, lest his Af be aroused, and he kill you.


Why does it say "Imo" (which implies equality with Lavan)?


Ha'amek Davar: Be not only in his house, rather, also involved in his business.

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