If Hagar Davened to Hashem, why does the Pasuk tell us that it was the voice of Yishmael that Hashem heard?


Rashi: Because Hashem answers the prayers of the sick person himself 1 before those of others who are Davening on his behalf. 2


This combined with his suffering (and with thoughts of Teshuvah). Interestingly, Targum Yonasan (twice in this Pasuk) explains that Hashem heard Yishmael's Tefilos, not due to his own merit, but to the merit of Avraham - even though there seems to be no indication of this in the Pasuk itself.


We say that a prisoner cannot free himself! Tefilah is different (Hadar Zekenim). Alternatively, his illness atoned for him.


What is the significance of the words "ba'Asher Hu Sham"?


Rashi and Targum Yonasan: Hashem judged Yishmael as he was then 1 , in spite of the fact that, later in history 2 , his descendents would perform an act of extreme cruelty towards Yitzchak's descendents. 3


Ramban: Hashem has heard Yishmael's prayers from where he is. It will not be necessary to get up and look for a fountain or a well, because he will quench his thirst with water that you find on the spot.


Rashbam: As mentioned previously, Hagar cast Yishmael down far away from herself; the Torah therefore relates that Hashem answered him and produced the water from his location, and not from hers.


Moshav Zekenim: Above (verse 9), it says that he was Metzachek, i.e. idolatry and Arayos (Rashi)! I say that he quarreled with [Yitzchak] about inheritance, like Sarah said "he will not inherit with my son." R. Moshe says that at the time he was a Tzadik, i.e. less than 20, and not liable bi'Ydei Shamayim. Or, regarding the angels' claim, now he was a Tzadik.


As cited in Yeshayah (21:13-14).


Moshav Zekenim: In Sanhedrin (68b), we say that Ben Sorer u'Moreh is judged based on his future! A human Beis Din does so, but Hashem's Beis Din does not. Or, Yishmael is different, for he would not sin later, only his seed would. Mishnas R. Aharon 1 p.195 - Ben Sorer u'Moreh is liable for putting himself on a path to a future of sin - his Misah (stoning) is worse than one who murdered many times (the sword).

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