CHULIN 48 (8 Shevat) -ֲ Dedicated in honor of the birthday of Gila Linzer.

[48a - 51 lines; 47b - 37 lines]

1)[line 1]שלפוחיתSHALFUCHIS- the animal's womb

2)[line 2]בני עסיאBNEI ASYA- (a) the people of Keini, mentioned in Bereishis 15:19. Keini is the region near Moav, to the west of the Dead Sea (TOSFOS, Yevamos 115a DH Amar, based on the Gemara in Bava Basra 56a). The Targum translates Keini as Shalamite, an Arabic tribe (RABBI ARYEH KAPLAN); (b) possibly Callirhoe and its surroundings, on the eastern side of the Jordan River, near the Dead Sea; (c) Asia Minor, or rather the Roman province embracing the western part of the peninsula of Asia Minor, bequeathed by King Attalus to the Roman republic (this opinion agrees with TOSFOS DH l'Aber, who states that Asya is in Chutz la'Aretz); (d) a town called Essa, east of Lake Kineres

3)[line 4]ריאה סמוכה לדופןREI'AH SEMUCHAH L'DOFEN- the lung is stuck to the wall of the rib cage

4)[line 5]העלתה צמחיםHE'ELASAH TZEMACHIM- (O.F. malanz) wounds, if the lung blistered

5)[line 8]סכינא דחליש פומיהSAKINA D'CHALISH PUMEI- a knife whose edge is thin and sharp

6)[line 9]ומפרקינן להU'MEFARKINAN LAH- and we slice through the adhesion and separate the lung

7)[line 24]במקום רביתאBI'MEKOM REVISA- [the lung sticks to the chest wall not] in the place of growth; i.e. the puncture was in a part of the lung that does not naturally lie flush against the chest wall

8)[line 28]דסביך בבשראD'SAVICH B'VISRA- [the place of the hole] is enmeshed with the meat

9)[line 31]ניקב פסול מפני שהוא שותתNIKEV PASUL MIPNEI SHE'HU SHOSHES- [if the male organ] was punctured, he is unfit to marry because the semen drips out [and does not shoot like an arrow]

10)[line 34]קרום שעלה מחמת מכה בריאהKERUM SHE'ALAH MACHMAS MAKAH B'REI'AH- a thin film that developed because of a wound in the lung

11)[line 44]מזדנזיןMEZADNEZIN- they are uncertain

12)[line 48]אומצאUMTZA- raw meat

13)[line 48]פריטיPERITEI- coins

14)[line 48]אקפןAKFAN- they will give to me on credit

15)[line 51]כי הוה מסגינן בתריהKI HAVAH MASGINAN BASREI- when I would walk behind him (Rav Nachman)

16)[line 51]בשוקא דגלדאיB'SHUKA D'GILDA'EI- in the marketplace of the leather workers


17)[line 1]בשוקא דרבנןSHUKA D'RABANAN- the market of the Rabanan

18)[line 2]דקיימן כנדי כנדיD'KAIMAN KANADEI KANADEI- the lungs were full of large blisters

19)[line 3]הוו חלפיHAVU CHALFEI- they were passing by

20)[line 4]דקיימי טינרי טינריD'KAIMEI TINAREI TINAREI- these lungs were filled with large blisters and were hard as a rock

21)[line 12]סמפונא נקט ואתאיSIMFONA NAKAT V'ASAI- the needle entered the lungs through a series of vessels without puncturing any vital organ along the way

22)[line 12]נקובי נקיב ואתאיNEKUVEI NAKIV V'ASAI- [the needle came into the lung] by way of puncturing the digestive tract and lung

23)[line 13]בחיתוכא דריאהB'CHITUCHA D'REI'AH- [a needle that] was found in a cut section of the lung

24)[line 28]האי הדורא דכנתא דאינקיב להדי חבריהHAI HADURA D'KANTA D'INKIV LA'HADEI CHAVREI- the small intestines were punctured at a point that lies against its adjacent coil

25)[line 30]בסמפונה רבה דריאהB'SIMFONA RABAH D'REI'AH- [a needle was found] in the great chamber of the lungs

26)[line 31]דרבנן טרופאיD'RABANAN TERUFA'EI- the Rabanan who previously ruled that it is a Tereifah

27)[line 35]אי קופא לבר נקובי נקיב ואתאיIY KUPA L'VAR NEKUVEI NAKIV VA'ASAI- if the head of the needle (its blunt end) is outside the liver, it has come into the liver through puncturing it

28)[line 35]אי קופא לגיוIY KUPA L'GAV- if the head of the needle is facing towards the inside the liver, [then we assume it came from the inside going through the trachea to the bronchial tubes]

29)[line 36]באלימתאB'ALIMTA- [the case is] with a large needle

30)[line 36]קטינתאKETINTA- a small needle