[47a - 17 lines; 47b - 57 lines]

1)[line 2]חדא ומתחזיא כתרתיCHADA U'MISCHAZYA K'TARTEI- if there is one blister and it looks like two; like one large blister with a seam running down the middle

2)[line 3]סילואSILVA- a thorn

3)[line 3]ובזעינן להU'BAZ'INAN LAH- and we pierce it

4)[line 5]חמש אוני אית לה לריאהCHAMESH UNEI IS LAH LA'REI'AH- the lung has five lobes (and two lower lobes as well)

5)[line 6]אפה כלפי גבראAPAH KELAPEI GAVRA- with the animal's face towards the person

6)[line 7]חסירCHASIR- if one of the lobes is missing (the animal has two lobes on the right or one lobe on the left), it is a Tereifah

7)[line 7]יתירYATIR- if one of the lobes is extra (it has four lobes on the right or three on the left), it is a Tereifah

8)[line 7]חליףCHALIF- if one of the lobes is inverted (it has two lobes on the right and three on the left), it is a Tereifah

9)[line 9]אבבאA'BAVA- at the entrance to the house

10)[line 10]אמר ליה הדר עיילה קמיהAMAR LEI HADAR AILAH KAMEI- [Rav Acha] said to the butcher, "Bring it back before him (Merimar) and ask him about it again"

11)[line 12]והני מילי דקוומא בדרא דאוניV'HANEI MILEI D'KAIMA B'DURA D'UNEI- this applies where the extra lobe is situated in the row of the lobes. Since the extra lobe situated in the row of lobes is a common phenomenon, the principle of "anything extra is like something removed" does not apply (MEIRI)

12)[line 13]אבל ביני ביני טרפהAVAL BEINEI BEINEI TEREIFAH- but if it is situated in between the two rows of lobes, it is a Tereifah

13)[line 16]כל הני חיוי ברייתא הכי אית להוKOL HANEI CHEIVEI BARYASA HACHI IS LEHU- all healthy (alternatively, self-grazing) animals have this

14)[line 17]עינוניתא דוורדאEINUNISA D'VARDA- the small rose-like lobe, because of its coloration and fragility

15)[line 17]מגואיMI'GAVEI- the small lobe you can see from the inside, i.e. it is located on the underside of the lungs


16)[line 1]אגבהA'GABAH- if it is located on the top of it, the side that is against the ribs and spine

17)[line 1]אפילו כטרפא דאסאAFILU K'TARFA D'ASA- even if it is as small as the leaf of a myrtle, it is a Tereifah

18)[line 2]דדמיא לאופתאD'DAMYA L'UFTA- if a lung resembles a piece of wood

19)[line 4]בגישתאB'GISHTA- they feel like wood

20)[line 4]נפיחהD'NEFICHAH- that the lung is bloated

21)[line 5]דפחיזאD'PECHIZA- that the lung is hard

22)[line 5]דשיעא דלית לה חיתוכא דאוניD'SHI'A D'LEIS LAH CHITUCHA D'UNEI- they are smooth like wood, the chambers are not delineated

23)[line 6]ככוחלאK'CHOCHALA- (O.F. lazur) like blue

24)[line 7]כדיותאKI'DEYUSA- like dried black ink

25)[line 7]שחור אדום הוא, אלא שלקהSHACHOR ADOM HU, ELA SHE'LAKAH- black blood is really red blood that has changed color after it came out of the body

26)[line 10]לכרכי היםL'KERACHEI HA'YAM- overseas (lit. to the cities of the sea)

27)[line 13]המתיני לו עד שיבלע בו דמוHIMTINI LO AD SHE'YIBALA VO DAMO- he waited [to perform the circumcision] until the blood was absorbed

28)[line 16]למדינת קפוטקיאL'MEDINAS KAPOTKIYA- to the country of Cappadocia, a district of Asia Minor

29)[line 18]ירוקYAROK- greenish, like the color of grasses (this can refer to green, yellow, or blue) (see TOSFOS DH Ela)

30)[line 25]ככשותאKI'CHESHUSA- like hops (O.F. homlon)

31)[line 25]וכמוריקאU'CHEMORIKA- or saffron

32)[line 25]ביעתאBEI'ASA- an egg

33)[line 26]ככרתיK'CHARSI- like a leek

34)[line 27]אטום בריאהATUM B'REI'AH- a clogged section in the lung

35)[line 28]מוגלאMUGLA- (O.F. cuiture) pus

36)[line 35]משיכותאMESHICHVASA- a basin of lukewarm water

37)[line 51]חלשCHALASH- he was sick

38)[line 55]מייתינן צעא דקוניאMAISINAN TZA'A D'KUNYA- bring utensils made of earthenware that are covered with lead (O.F. plomer - to cover [a clay vessel] with lead)

39)[line 56]שורייקי חיוריSHURAIKEI CHIVREI- (O.F. tajes blanjes) white streaks

40)[line 57]ריאה שנימוקהREI'AH SHE'NIMOKAH- if a lung decayed but the encasing membrane remains intact