[55a - 52 lines; 55b - 22 lines]

1)[line 15]אבטילאותAVTILA'OS- (O.F. contrede) provinces

2)[line 22]"ותאר הגבול""V'SA'AR HA'GEVUL"- "and the border was drawn" (Yehoshua 18:14)

3)[line 23]הכתוב עשאו גבול בפני עצמוHA'KASUV ASA'O GEVUL BIFNEI ATZMO- the verse makes it a boundary by itself; that is, although Ever ha'Yarden is considered to be Eretz Yisrael, the Yarden River serves as a boundary with regard to Ma'asar Behemah, separating two flocks of animals

4)[line 35]מבית ירחו ולמטהMI'BEIS YERICHO UL'MATAH- Tosfos understands this to mean from its source until Yericho

5a)[line 39]מערת פמייסME'ARAS PAMYAS (alt. PANYAS)- the cave of Pami'as (in which the Banyas spring, one of the main water sources of the Yarden River, originates). Pami'as is the name of an ancient city in the north-east of Eretz Yisrael which is known today as Banyas.

b)[line 39]בימה של סיבכיB'YAMAH SHEL SIVCHAI- in the Lake of Sivchai, the Chula Lake (apparently, this was the small lake that, until recently, was located to the north of the Kineret; the lake was dried in recent times because the area around it turned into swampland which bred malaria-infested mosquitoes, and it is now known as the Chula Valley)

c)[line 40]ובימה של טבריאUV'YAMAH SHEL TEVERYAH- and the Sea of Tiberias; i.e., Lake Kineret

6)[line 45]זכרותיה דירדנאZACHRUSEI D'YARDENA- the source, chief supply of the Jordan


7)[line 1]עינתא דמידלייןEINASA D'MIDALYAN- springs that are on a high altitude

8)[line 2]סולמי דפרת נינהוSULAMEI D'PRAS NINHU- they rise up under the ground from the Euphrates like ladders

9)[line 4]הוא פרת דמעיקראHU PRAS D'MEI'IKARA- it is Euphrates, that is already mentioned previously without a name

10)[line 7]שמימיו פרים ורביםSHE'MEIMAV PARIM V'RAVIM- its waters increase and multiply; that is, although the waters of all other rivers also increase and multiply, as Rebbi Meir asserts in the next line, nevertheless the name Peras is more appropriate to the Euphrates because (a) it is outstanding among rivers, and its waters increase even more than those of other rivers; (b) it causes the waters of all the other rivers in the world to increase (TOSFOS DH Mesaye'a)

11)[line 9]נהרא מכיפיה מיבריךNAHARA MI'KIPEI MIVRICH- a river's own underground source (lit. "from its rock") is what causes its water-level to periodically increase (and not an influx of rainwater)

12)[line 10]מיטרא במערבא סהדא רבה פרתMITRA B'MA'ARAVA SAHADA RABAH PERAS- the rise of the Euphrates is great testimony that rain has fallen in the vicinity of Eretz Yisrael

13)[line 12]לבנאתיהL'VENA'ASEI- for his daughters

14a)[line 12]מקוהMIKVAH- a Mikvah of rainwater

b)[line 12]מפציMAFTZEI- mats