[a - 48 lines; b - 32 lines]

1)[line 5]רמיזאREMIZA- a hint (i.e., where is it hinted to in the Torah?)

2)[line 10]שעיSHA'EI- hours

3)[line 16]בתוספתא פליגיB'TOSEFTA PELIGI- in the Tosefta they disagree regarding the extra [hours in the day that the sun stopped, instead of the total number of hours in that day]

4)[line 23]יהושע קראיYEHOSHUA KERA'EI- [that the sun stood still for] Yehoshua is [derived from] verses

5)[line 24]נקדימון בן גוריון גמראNAKDIMON BEN GURYON GEMARA- [that the sun stood still for] Nakdimon ben Guryon is [known from] a tradition

6)[line 30]ברדBARAD- hail

7)[line 33]קשתKESHES- rainbow

8)[line 37]עורףOREF- neck

9)[line 37]משנה תורהMISHNEH TORAH- the Book of Devarim

10)[line 45]שוק ואליהSHOK V'ALYAH- the thigh and the tail

11)[line 45]דמסמכאD'SAMCHA- that it leans on

12)[line 45]וחזהV'CHAZEH- and the breast

13)[line 45]דמחית להD'MACHIS LAH- that it is placed on it (the breast is placed on the thigh of the Shelamim during the Tenufah process)

14)[line 46]אנופי ומנפי ליהANUFEI U'MENAFEI LEI - they would wave it (TENUFAH)

(a)Certain Korbanos (or parts thereof) and meal-offerings are waved as part of the Korban-offering process. This waving is called Tenufah.

(b)When Tenufah is done, the Kohen who is performing the offering, together with the owner of the offering (when it is not a Korban Tzibur), waves the offering in all four directions and up and down (RASHI Menachos 62a DH Molich; TOSFOS to Sukah 37b DH Kedei, questions whether all Tenufos were done in this fashion or whether some Tenufos only required lifting and lowering).

(c)Tenufah is done for the parts of the Korban Shelamim that are given to the Kohanim, i.e. the Chazeh (breast) and Shok (thigh), along with the fats that will be burnt on the Mizbe'ach (Vayikra 7:30-34).

15)[line 47]ושופיV'SHUFEI- the flesh covering the thigh bone


16)[line 9]אישה חשובהISHAH CHASHUVAH- an important woman. Here, this means that she is beautiful and close to the government, and thus if she is taken captive, her captors will not kill her, but because of her beauty there is concern that she will be morally violated.

17)[line 10]כלי זיינה עליהKELEI ZAYENAH ALEHA- her weapons are upon her; i.e., she will have relations with them and thus they will not kill her

18)[line 16]שנזדמן לו עובד כוכביםSHE'NIZDAMEN LO OVED KOCHAVIM- that he (a Jew) meets up with a Nochri

19)[line 17]טופלו לימינוTOFLO L'YEMINO- turn to his left (of the Nochri if you meet him)

20)[line 18]בסייףB'SAYEF- with a sword

21)[line 19]במקלB'MAKEL- with a stick

22)[line 22]ישוחYASHU'ACH- bend down

23)[line 22]ירוץ את גולגלתוYARUTZ ES GULGALASO- he will crush his skull

24)[line 28]ליסטיםLISTIM- bandits