[20a - 36 lines; 20b - 54 lines]

1)[line 2]חנייה בקרקעCHANAYAH B'KARKA- a holding in the land

2)[line 21]דברים ככתבןDEVARIM KI'CHESAVAM- the words of the verse are to be understood exactly as they are written

3)[line 30]על גבי מעלה בהר הביתAL GABEI MA'ALAH B'HAR HA'BAYIS- he was on top of a raised platform on the Temple Mount

4)[line 32]רקRAK- he spat

5)[line 33]שופרא בלי עפראSHUFRA BALEI AFRA- her beauty would one day rot in the ground

6)[line 34]ברוך שככה ברא בעולמוBARUCH SHE'KACHAH BARA B'OLAMO- "Blessed [are You, HaSh-m...] that He created such in His world." This is the blessing recited upon seeing a beautiful creature.

7)[last line]מכוערתMECHU'ARES- ugly


8)[line 3]בזמן שנזקקין זה לזהBI'ZMAN SHE'NIZKAKIN ZEH LA'ZEH- [one is not allowed to look at animals] at the time that they are mating with each other

9)[line 3]מלא עיניםMALEI EINAYIM- [and even] lit. full of eyes; i.e. if one is surrounded by forbidden sights and cannot help but see them, still he may not deliberately gaze upon them

10)[line 6]וחרבו שלופה בידוV'CHARBO SHELUFAH B'YADO- and his sword is drawn in his hand

11)[line 7]מרהMARAH- a drop of the bitter fluid (lit. "bile")

12)[line 8]מזדעזעMIZDA'AZE'A- he trembles [with fear]

13)[line 10]פניו מוריקותPANAV MORIKOS- his face turns greenish-yellow (see Kesuvos 103b)

14)[line 12]שטוחיןSHETUCHIN- spread out

15)[line 15]צבעוניןTZIV'ONIN- colored clothes

16)[line 16]בעתיקיB'ATIKEI- with old ones (clothes)

17)[line 16]בחדתיB'CHADETEI- with new ones (clothes)

18)[line 17]לאשפוריASHPUREI- professional launderers

19)[line 19]מין במינוMIN B'MINO- an animal that mates with its own kind

20)[line 19]כמכחול בשפופרתK'MAKCHOL BI'SHEFOFERES- like a stick or twig (that is used as an applicator) into a hollow reed tube (that contains a substance to be applied); i.e., a breeder is allowed to mount the male animal onto the female and insert the male's Ever into the female

21)[line 24]ליקרא דברייתאYIKRA D'VERIYASA- the honor of [HaSh-m's] creation

22)[line 24]פרענא בית השחיטהPARANA BEIS HA'SHECHITAH- [the angel of death told Avuha d'Shmuel that he] would rip open the place of slaughtering (that is, he would kill man in the way an animal is slaughtered)

23)[line 36]רוח הקדשRU'ACH HA'KODESH- Divine inspiration

24)[line 42]שחתSHACHAS- grain in an early stage of growth, at which point it can be used as animal fodder, e.g. wheat grass

25)[line 44]קמהKAMAH- standing grain

26)[line 46]משהי ליהMESHAHI LEI- he delays it

27)[line 47]שבחייהוSHIVCHAYHU- their improvement

28)[last line]ובסוריאUV'SURYA- and in Syria. This refers to certain areas of present-day Syria conquered by David ha'Melech.