1) FOR WHAT KIND OF WOUND IS ONE LIABLE? (Yerushalmi Halachah 1 Daf 55a)

אינו חייב עד שיעשה בהן חבורה. באי זו חבורה כחבורת שבת כחבורת נזקין

(a) One who wounds his father or mother is liable only if he made a wound. What kind of wound is this - like a wound of Shabbos, or a wound of damages?

אין תימר כחבורת שבת אפילו לא חיסר ואין תימר כחבורת נזקין עד שעה שיחסר:

1. If you will say that it is like a wound of Shabbos, it is even if there is no Chisaron. If you will say that it is like a wound of damages, it is only if there is Chisaron (a limb was knocked out; some say that even loss of skin is Chisaron, for it will not grow back. (HA'EMEK SHE'ELAH (Mishpatim 60:5) asks, a Mishnah (Bava Kama 8:3) says that if one hit a parent without a wound (so he is not Chayav Misah), he pays damages. This shows that the wound is not the same as for damages!)