Shabbat, Zevachim 8
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Summary of the Daf
If a Chatas is slaughtered she'Lo Lishmah, or the blood is received, brought to the Mizbe'ach, or sprinkled she'Lo Lishmah, the Chatas is Pasul.
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The Minchah or Nesachim of a Korban is Kosher even if it is not brought at the same time as the Korban.
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Even a Chatas Avodah Zarah or a Korban Oleh v'Yored which is brought for a Shevu'as Bituy, Shevu'as ha'Edus, or for eating Kodesh or entering the Mikdash in a state of Tum'ah, is Pasul if it is brought she'Lo Lishmah.
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A Korban Pesach brought she'Lo Lishmah in the afternoon of Erev Pesach is Pasul.

5 If a Korban Pesach is brought l'Shem Pesach at any time other than the afternoon of Erev Pesach, it is Pasul.
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If a Korban Pesach is brought at any time other than the afternoon of Erev Pesach, it is a Shelamim.
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