[56a - 49 lines; 56b - 56 lines]

1)[line 1]בית הבושתBEIS HA'BOSHES- the skin of the female organ

2)[line 4]פסוקת הגרגרתPESUKAS HA'GARGERES- a severed trachea

3)[line 4]הכתה חולדהHIKSAH CHULDAH- a rat (or weasel or marten) struck (or bit) it [on its head]

4)[line 6]הקורקבןHA'KORKEVAN- the gizzard

5)[line 6]ונחמרוV'NECHMARU- and they were scorched

6)[line 8]או שריצצתה בהמה ומפרכסתO SHE'RITZETZASAH BEHEMAH U'MEFARCHESES- or an animal crushed it and it was still quivering

7)[line 9]מעת לעתME'ES L'ES- for a twenty-four hour period

8)[line 11]אם מבצבץ ועולה, טריפהIM MEVATZBETZ V'OLEH, TEREIFAH- if brain matter spurts up out of the head, it is a Tereifah

9)[line 13]עד דמנקיב קרמא תתאהAD D'MINKIV KARMA TATA'AH- [an animal does not become a Tereifah] until the lower membrane is punctured

10)[line 14]אינקיב עילאהINKIV ILA'AH- if the upper membrane was punctured

11)[line 16]תתאה, אגב רוככיה, מיפקע פקעTATA'AH, AGAV RUCHECHEI, MIFKA PAKA- the lower membrane, due to its weakness, would have ruptured from the pressure

12)[line 18]ששיניה דקותSHE'SHINEHA DAKOS- its (a weasel's) teeth are thin

13)[line 20]ועקומותV'AKUMOS- and [the teeth are] curved

14)[line 24]במסמרB'MASMER- with a nail

15)[line 25]חד בדיק בידאCHAD BADIK B'YADA- one checked [a bird bitten on the head by a weasel] with the hand (by pressing the finger up against the palate)

16)[line 26]במחטאB'MACHTA- with a needle

17)[line 35]נשבר העצםNISHBAR HA'ETZEM- if the skull of the bird was broken

18)[line 39]לעוף של מיםL'OF SHEL MAYIM- for birds that live in water


19)[line 1]בגילא דחיטתאB'GILA D'CHITSA- with a piece of wheat straw

20)[line 4]שיעור ירוקתן כשיעור נקובתןSHI'UR YERUKASAN K'SHI'UR NEKUVASAN- the measure for their greening is like the measure for their puncture; i.e. the size of the greening as a result of scorching that renders the internal organs Tereifah is the same as the size of the puncture that renders them Tereifah

21)[line 7]הוריקהHORIKAH- it (the liver) turned green

22)[line 22]אדומין שהוריקו ושלקן וחזרו והאדימו כשריןADUMIN SHE'HORIKU U'SHELAKAN V'CHAZRU V'HE'EDIMU KESHERIN- if normally red organs turned green and then one boiled them, and they turned red again, they are Kosher

23)[line 23]קוטרא עייל בהוKUTRA AYIL BEHU- smoke went up into them (and the boiling has removed the absorbed smoke)

24)[line 26]איגלאי בהתייהוIGLA'I BAHATAIHU- their shame is now revealed; i.e. the scorching did turn them green but the smoke that they absorbed disguised it

25)[line 28]אחזוקי ריעותא לא מחזקינןACHZUKEI REI'USA LO MACHZEKINAN- we do not assume a disqualifying circumstance when none is apparent

26)[line 34]הזפקHA'ZEFEK- the crop

27)[line 36]נמרטו כנפיהNIMRETU KENAFEHA- its feathers were plucked

28)[line 39]ושבתו באונוV'SHAVSU B'ONO- and they spent Shabbos in Ono

29)[line 44]גגו של זפקGAGO SHEL ZEFEK- the top of the crop

30)[line 46]כל שנמתח עמוKOL SHE'NIMTACH IMO- whatever is drawn with it; i.e. whatever part of the crop goes toward the esophagus

31)[line 47]שלא היפך בהןSHE'LO HIPECH BAHEN- the case where one did not invert the intestines

32)[line 49]מלמד שברא הקב"ה כונניות באדםMELAMED SHE'BARA HA'KADOSH BARUCH HU KONENIYOS BA'ADAM- this teaches that HaSh-m made "bases" in man; i.e. organs must rest upon the part below them in a particular order, or they will not function properly

33)[line 52]כרכא דכולה ביהKERACHA D'CHULAH BEI- a city that has everything in it

34)[line 56]מאיגראME'IGRA- from the roof

35)[line 56]פקעיה כרסיהPAK'EI KERISEI- his stomach split

36)[line 56]ונפוק מעייניהV'NAFUK MA'AYANEI- and his intestines came out