[53a - 49 lines; 53b - 52 lines]

1)[line 8]באימרי רברביB'IMREI RAVREVEI- with large sheep

2)[line 14]בעוף הדקB'OF HA'DAK- with a small bird

3)[line 14]דרוסת הנץ בדכוותיהDERUSAS HA'NETZ BID'CHAVASEI- a bird clawed by a Netz (hawk; see Background to Chulin 52:36) is rendered a Tereifah if the victim was like the Netz in size

4)[line 15]בדזוטרא מינייהוBID'ZUTRA MINAIHU- when it is smaller than them

5)[line 18]לשועלL'SHU'AL- for a fox (a fox does not have the ability to render its victim a Tereifah as a result of clawing it)

6)[line 25]בצפורןB'TZIPORAN- with the claws

7)[line 25]שןSHEN- a tooth

8)[line 34]דדריס ופסקוה לידיהD'DARIS U'PASKUHA L'YADEI- the predators clawed and they chopped off its paw

9)[line 35]בהדי דדריס שדי זיהריהB'HADI D'DARIS SHADI ZIHAREI- while it claws [its victim], it injects its poison

10)[line 35]דשליףD'SHALIF- when it withdraws [its claws, the predator injects its poison]

11)[line 38]אין צפרנו נשמטתEIN TZIPARNO NISHMETES- its claws do not fall out

12)[line 39]נתחכךNISCHAKECH- it rubbed itself against the wall

13)[line 40]אין צפורן יושבת לו בגבוEIN TZIPORAN YOSHEVES LO B'GABO- [when an animal rubs itself against a wall,] a claw does not become embedded in its back

14)[line 42]אוקי מילתא אחזקיהUKI MILSA A'CHEZKEI- leave the thing in its his previously established status, i.e. leave the ox in its Chazakah of being Kosher

15)[line 44]יבשה עבדה דמשתמטאYEVESHAH AVDAH D'MISHTAMTA- a dry claw becomes detached [when a lion claws with it]

16)[line 45]והוא דקיימא בדרא דסיחופיהV'HU D'KAIMA B'DARA D'SICHUFEI- [when two or three claws are embedded in the ox's back, we are concerned,] but that is only when they are situated like in the row of a lion's paw

17)[line 47]ספק על ספקSAFEK AL SAFEK- a doubtful situation

18)[line 47]שונראSHUNRA- a cat

19)[line 48]על, שתיק, ואיתוב בינייהוAL, SHASIK, V'ISUV BEINAIHU- [a lion] entered, was quiet, and sat itself down among the oxen

20)[line 48]אימר שלמא שויEIMAR SHELAMA SHAVEI- I may say that it made peace with them and did not claw any of them

21)[line 48]קטע רישיהKATA REISHEI- [if the lion] tore the head off of one of them

22)[line 48]נח מריתחיהNACH ME'RISCHEI- it rested from its fury (its fury diminished)

23)[line 49]איהו קא מעוי ואינהו קמקרקרןIHU KA ME'AVEI V'INHU KA'MEKARKERAN- if the lion is heard roaring and the oxen are bellowing

24)[line 49]בעותי קא מבעתיBA'USEI KA MEVA'ASEI- they are both frightened


25)[line 5]לא שמיע ליLO SHEMI'A LI- I did not hear it from him explicitly

26)[line 8]שרקפאSHARKEFA- a basket full of birds (which a Netz had entered)

27)[line 9]חנקינהו ושדנהו בנהראCHANKINHU V'SHADINHU B'NAHARA- he strangled them and threw them into the river

28)[line 11]ליסרינהוLI'SARINHU- he should have forbidden them

29a)[line 13]מפרחן וסלקןMEFARCHAN U'SELAKAN- if he would let them fly away, hunters would catch them (and sell them to Jews)

b)[line 13]ולשהינהו שנים עשר חודשU'LESHAHINHU SHNEIM ASAR CHODESH- let him keep them for twelve months (and if they live, that would prove that they are not Tereifos)

30)[line 14]וליזבנינהוV'LIZBENINHU- and let him sell them

31)[line 19]על לביני קניאAL L'VEINEI KANYA- [the duck] entered among the reeds

32)[line 19]ממסמס קועיה דמהMEMASMES KU'EI DAMA- it came out with its neck stained with blood

33)[line 32]סימנים שנדלדלו בכמה?SIMANIM SHE'NEDALDELU B'CHAMAH?- if the pipes became detached in several places [from the animal's jaw], to what degree must they be detached [for the animal to be considered a Tereifah]?

34)[line 38]עד שיאדים בשר כנגד בני מעייםAD SHE'YA'ADIM BASAR KENEGED BNEI ME'AYIM- [in the case of a clawed one, the animal is not a Tereifah] until the flesh surrounding the innards reddens

35)[line 41]כל שהרופא גורדו ומעמידו על בשר חיKOL SHE'HAROFEH GORDO U'MA'AMIDO AL BASAR CHAI- whatever tissue a doctor would scrape away to leave only healthy flesh

36)[line 44]הוו מיתבי לה יתבה שפירHAVU MEYASVEI LAH YASVAH SHAPIR- when they would lay it down (the lung), it would lie properly