1) A FATHER INHERITING HIS SON (Yerushalmi Halachah 1 Daf 22a)

עד כדון בן את האב האב את הבן

(a) Question: We have only proven that a son inherits a father. What about a father inheriting his son?

מה אם הבן שאינו בא אלא מכח האב הרי הוא יורשו האב שאין הבן בא אלא מכוחו אינו דין שיורשו.

(b) Answer: If a son who only comes from the power of the father, he inherits his father; the father, whose son only has power on account of him, should certainly inherit his son.

אמר קרא קרוב קודם קודם.

1. Support: The pasuk states (Bamidbar 27:11), "(you shall give his inheritance to his relative) who is closest (to him of his family)" - the closer relative has priority - so since the son inherits his father because he is the closest relative, so too the father should inherit the son for the same reason.