1) FURTHER STIPULATIONS (Yerushalmi Halachah 1 Daf 16b)

רבי תנחום דכפר גון בשם רבי לעזר בי רבי יוסי (ארבעה)[חמשה]

(a) R. Tanchum of Kfar Gon citing R. Elazar bei R. Yosi: There were (a further) five stipulations (made by Yehoshua bin Nun)...

מלקטין עשבין מכל מקום ובלבד שלא ישרשו

(b) The first stipulation: One may pick grasses in any place, as long as he does not pull them up with their roots.

ופונים לאחורי הגדר.

(c) The second stipulation: A person may relieve himself behind the wall of a field (in order to keep his privacy).

רבי לעזר בי רבי יוסי בשם ר' תנחום עד מקום שמתעטש ואין קולו נשמע

1. R. Elazar bei R. Yosi citing R. Tanchum: One who does so should distance himself to a place where the noise of his passing gas will not be heard.

ורועין בחורשין.

(d) The third stipulation: One may graze his animals in a person's forest (of large trees).

[ומחכין בימה של טבריא ובלבד שלא יפרוס קלע ויעמיד את הספינה]

(e) The fourth stipulation: One may fish in the Sea of Tiveria (the Kinneret) as long as one does not fix down pegs and put cane fences, as it disturbs the movement of the boats. (Note: Many insert this line, based on the Gemara in Bava Kama Bavli 81a.)

אפי' שבט יהודה בשבט נפתלי. ונותנין לנפתלי מלא חבל לדרומו של ים שנאמר ים ודרום ירשה דברי ר' יוסי הגלילי

1. R. Yosi Haglili: Fishing is permitted even by members of the Tribe of Yehudah, for example, even though the area of the Kinneret belongs to the Tribe of Naftali. But Naftali receives an area of land to the south of the Kinneret to lay his nets, as the pasuk states (Devarim 33:23), "Inherit the sea and the south (side)".

ר' עקיבה אומר ים זה ים של סמכו ודרום זה ים של טבריה.

2. R. Akiva: This 'sea' refers to the 'Sea of Samchu' and the 'south' refers to the Sea of Tiveria (but Naftali did not receive a portion of dryland there).