1) THE THIRD AND FOURTH STIPULATION (Yerushalmi Halachah 1 Daf 16b)

בשבילי הרשות משתיעקר התבואה עד שתרד רביעה שנייה.

(a) (The third stipulation of Yehoshua was - One may walk on 'optional paths' - Once the farmer has pulled up his produce, it is permitted to walk on the soil there, until the time of the second rains (since during that time, the farmer is not particular about people walking there).

ולוקחין נטיעות מכל מקום חוץ משל זית ומשל גפן.

(b) (The fourth stipulation of Yehoshua was - One may cut shoots from trees (to use for grafting or planting) in any place, except olive trees and grapevines (as they are damaged by doing this).

כזית מן החדש שבחדש ומן הישן שבישן

(c) One may cut from an olive tree that is very new or very old (as neither have fruit).

אבל אם היה עשוי' כמין טרגול אפילו מן החדש שבחדש אסור.

(d) But if the shoots of a tree were growing in a triangular shape, (since it is an unusual shape, the owner would be particular and) even a very new tree is prohibited.