[106a - 20 lines; 106b - 54 lines]

1a)[line 6]פוק תני לבראPUK TANI L'VARA- Go out and teach your Halachos outside [of the Beis ha'Midrash] (i.e. your opinion about this Halachah is unacceptable)

b)[line 6]אינה משנהEINAH MISHNAH- it as an incorrect Mishnah

2)[line 16]פתילהPESILAH- a bar of lead

3)[line 17]מחויMECHAVEI- shows

4)[line 19]מגדלMIGDAL- (O.F. mestier) a cupboard


5)[line 1]ביבריןBIVARIN- vivarium, an enclosure in which live animals (or fish or birds) are kept

6)[line 2]מחוסר צידהMECHUSAR TZEIDAH- a term that describes an enclosure in which the animals inside must still be trapped

7)[line 13]ביבר מקורהBIVAR MEKORAH- an enclosure which is covered with a roof

8)[line 16]צפור דרורTZIPOR DEROR- (O.F. arondele) a type of wild bird (swallow) which is evasive and good at dodging people

9)[line 17]אינה מקבלת מרותEINAH MEKABELES MARUS- it does not accept being dominated

10)[line 22]רהיט בתריהRAHIT BASREI- he runs after it

11)[line 23]בחד שיחייאB'CHAD SHICHIYAH- with one action of running and bending over

12)[line 24]נפיל טולא דכתלים אהדדיNAFIL TULA D'KESALIM A'HADADI- the shadow of one wall falls on the opposite wall

13)[line 26]ליכא עוקצי עוקציLEIKA UKTZEI UKTZEI- it does not have niches

14)[line 31]גמרא גמור זמורתא תהא?!GEMARA GEMOR ZEMORTA TEHEI?!- do you, Rav Yosef, tell us to only say over what we learn (whether it is correct or not); is it merely a song?!

15)[line 34]עבידי לרבוייAVIDEI L'RABUYEI- are accustomed to fleeing

16)[line 37]אישתאEISHATA- fever

17)[line 37]אובצנאUVTZENA- weakness

18)[line 38]חגביןCHAGAVIN- locusts

19)[line 38]גזיןGAZIN- (a) a type of locust (RASHI); (b) a species of bees (TOSFOS Bechoros 7b)

20)[line 38]צרעיןTZIR'IN- hornets

21)[line 42]השרבHA'SHARAV- dry heat

22)[line 42]אם היו מקלחות ובאותIM HAYU MEKALCHOS U'VA'OS- if they were showering down from the sky in a constant stream

23)[line 51]גורזקיGURZEKI- cage