ROSH HASHANAH 34 - Dedicated by Andy & Nancy Neff in memory of Leah Miriam bat Yisroel -- Lucy Rabin, beloved wife of Sidney Rabin and mother of Nancy Neff and Valerie, Doug and Andy Rabin, who passed away on 14 Sivan 5767.

[34a - 53 lines; 34b - 46 lines]

1)[line 17]תקיעה ותרועה אחת היאTEKI'AH U'TERU'AH ACHAS HI- (a) Teki'ah and Teru'ah mean the same; i.e. the verse that says "u'Tekatem" means, "You shall blast a Teru'ah" (RASHI); (b) the Teki'ah and Teru'ah are part of one Mitzvah (and they must be blown with one breath, without any break between them) (RAMBAN in Derashah)

2)[line 35]לתלמודו הוא באL'SALMUDO HU VA- for its teaching; i.e. for a Gezeirah Shavah (according to the one who learns it from the blasts in the Midbar)

3)[line 40]דרך העברתוDERECH HA'AVARASO- [the Shofar must be blown] in the way that it grows out of the ram's head; i.e. with one's mouth on the narrow end. (Just as the narrow end is on the ram's head as it grows, so too the mouth of the person blowing must be on the narrow end.) (RASHI 27b)

4)[line 41]"ויצו משה ויעבירו קול במחנה לאמר איש ואשה אל יעשו עוד מלאכה לתרומת הקדש ויכלא העם מהביא""VA'YETZAV MOSHE VA'YA'AVIRU KOL BA'MACHANEH LEIMOR, ISH V'ISHAH AL YA'ASU OD MELACHAH L'TERUMAS HA'KODESH VA'YIKALEH HA'AM ME'HAVI"- "And Moshe gave the command, and they announced in the camp that men and women should not prepare any more work for the Mishkan; and they stopped bringing." (Shemos 36:6) - So generous were the people that within two days all of the raw and processed materials needed to construct the Mishkan had already been donated, so Moshe Rabeinu issued this order.

5)[line 44]שהחדש מתכסה בוSHEHA'CHODESH MISKASEH VO- [the time] in which the moon is covered [and cannot be seen] (as stated in the Gemara above, 20b, that the new moon is hidden from view for 24 hours at the time of the Molad)

6)[line 46]בקסריKISREI- Caesarea, name of a port city founded by the Herod, located between Tel Aviv and Haifa

7a)[line 52]כי מתרע באיניש מילתאKI MISRA B'INISH MILSA- when something [bad] happens to a person

b)[last line]ברישא גנחB'REISHA GANACH- in the beginning he makes mournful sounds [(O.F. complainz) doleful, mournful sounds], which are long and drawn out

c)[last line]והדר ילילV'HADAR YALEIL- and afterwards he wails (O.F. receder), whimpering with short sounds


8)[line 4]בסירוגיןB'SEIRUGIN- in intervals, with interruptions

9)[line 11]למבואות מטונפותMAVO'OS METUNAFOS- streets or alleys that are dirty [with filth and excrement in them]

10)[line 27]כי (נהירנא) [נחירנא] לךKI (NEHIRNA) [NECHIRNA] LACH- when I grunt to you (Sidur Rashi 165, Machzor Vitri 317)

11)[line 28]בחבר עירCHEVER IR- in a congregation, assembly of the city; in a Minyan

12)[line 38]להסדיר שליח צבור תפלתוL'HASDIR SHELI'ACH TZIBUR TEFILASO- so that the Chazan can arrange his prayer, the Shemoneh Esreh