NEDARIM 66 - Dedicated by Tzvi and Tamara Sand in honor of the Brit of their grandson Itai Ariel, son of Yair Yisrael and Reut Kaufman, on 12 Adar I. Mazel Tov to the parents and grandparents - may you see boundless Nachas from him and watch him grow l'Torah l'Chupah ul'Ma'asim Tovim!

1) RAN DH Gemara Man Tana

(SUMMARY: The Ran explains why this is like R. Shimon.)

(a) Explanation: Since it taught to this one a Korban and to this one a Korban, he needs a Pesach for each one, this shows that they are Peratim (individual vows) only when he mentions Korban regarding every one;

1. If he did not, whether he said to this one and to this one with a Vov, or to this one, to this one without a Vov, it is a Klal (one encompassing vow);

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2. Like whom is this? Rava taught that it is like R. Shimon, who says in Shevuos (36b) regarding five who were claiming from him

3. And he said [I swear that] not to you [do I owe], not to you, that he is liable for each one only if he mentioned Shevuah regarding each;


4. Inference: If he did not [mention Shevuah to each], whether he said with a Vov, or without a Vov, it is a Klal.

2) RAN DH ulInyan Halachah

(SUMMARY: The Ran rules like R. Shimon, and explains why.)

(a) Pesak: We hold like R. Shimon, for the Stam Tana here holds like him.

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(b) Support: Also in Kidushin (46a) the Stam Mishnah is like him regarding be Mekudeshes to me with this date, be Mekudeshes to me with this (Only if he mentioned Kidushin regarding each date, they are separate acts of Kidushin, and she is Mekudeshes only if one of the dates by itself is worth a Perutah.)

(c) Implied question: In Shevuos (36b), regarding Shevuah that I do not owe to you, there is a Stam Mishnah unlike him. What is the difference if there is one Stam [Mishnah, like Rabanan], or two Stam [Mishnayos, like R. Shimon? Perhaps the Halachah follows the one Stam!]

(d) Answer: Even so, since Amoraim discuss the opinion of R. Shimon in Kidushin, we hold like him.


(e) Support: Also R. Chananel and the Ramban rule like him.