[46a - 26 lines; 46b - 13 lines]

1)[line 10]ובית הבדBEIS HA'BAD- an olive press

2)[line 11]תפיסת ידTEFISAS YAD- possession; i.e. a well that he may use or a share in the profits


3)[line 1]שיש בה כדי חלוקהSHE'YESH BAH KEDEI CHALUKAH - the courtyard is large enough to be divided between the two of them

If two people share a courtyard, one can force the other to divide the courtyard between them if each partner receives at least four square Amos after it is divided. Another requirement for the division is that each partner receives four square Amos in front of his doorway. If the courtyard is greater than four Amos in length, then the area that each one receives in front of his doorway must be four Amos by the length of the entire courtyard. (Bava Basra 1:6, SHULCHAN ARUCH Choshen Mishpat 171:3, 172:1)

4)[last line]דמקבל בטסקאD'MEKABEL B'TASKA- (a) the tenant received it on the condition that he pay the government taxes (MEFARESH, ROSH, 1st explanation); (b) the tenant received it on the condition that he will pay a fixed rent (as opposed to paying a share of the profits) (RAN, ROSH, 2nd explanation, based on the Girsa D'MEKABEL B'PASKA)