For what did Yehoshua bring Yehudah close?


Rashi: He cast one lot among the heads of the families, and afterwards among the Batei Avos (of the family caught), and afterwards the people of that Bayis.


Who was Zavdi?


Radak: He was the head of the Beis Av [to which Achan belonged].


Why does it not say va'Yakrev Es Shevet Yehudah l'Mishpechosav, like it says in the other cases (Yisrael li'Shevatav Mishpachas ha'Zarchi la'Gevarim


Malbim: Yehoshua brought the Shevatim one by one; after Yehudah was caught, he did not bring the others. Zarchi was the last family; none of the others was caught, so there was no need to bring Zarchi in front of the Aron.

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