What is the significance of the names Tziklag, Madmanah and Sansanah"?


Gitin (7a): If one has a Tza'akas Legimah against his friend (the latter diminished his livelihood) and is Domem (silent), the One who dwells in the (burning) Sneh (bush) will judge his case.


Rav Ashi (Gitin 7a) said that if you expound Kinah, Dimunah, and Ad'adah (refer to 15:22:1), you should expound also the names in our verse. What is the connection between them?


Bi'ur ha'Gra (19:5): Also these are called differently in Divrei ha'Yamim.


Malbim (32): Dimunah and Ad'adah are outskirts of Kinah; they are listed, but not counted. Likewise, Madmanah and Sansanah are outskirts of Tziklag, and are not counted. If the former were listed for a Drashah, also the latter should be expounded.

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