Who rebelled against Hashem?


Rashi: The Resha'im. Most of Yisrael died during the three days of thick darkness 1 . "Va'Chamushim Alu Vnei Yisrael?" (Shemos 13:18) ? one out of 50 (left, and the rest died), and some say one out of 500 2 .


Radak (9): Lest the Egyptians see their downfall, and rejoice over them.


Rashi (Shemos 13:8): One out of one five left. Mechilta brings all three opinions, and one who says that less than one out of 5000 left.


Why does it say "va'Yamru Vi" and "v'Lo Avu Lishmo'a"?


Malbim: They did what Hashem commanded not to do, and did not want to do what He commanded them to do.


Why does it say "Lo Hishlichu" regarding "Shikutzei Eineihem", and "Lo Azavu" regarding "Gilulei Egypt"?


Malbim: The former are evil acts of Zenus - one must cast them away. The latter is heresy - one must abandon that path.


Why does it say "Lishpoch Chamasi" and "Lechalos Api"?


Radak: The matter is repeated in different words. When one pours out what is in a Kli, he empties out its contents.


Malbim: Via inner anger, My external anger will eradicate you. When Af and punishment are via inner Chemah, they utterly eradicate. This is the difference between Af and Chemah.

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