What is the meaning of "ha'Sishpot"?


Rashi: It is an expression of debate.


Targum Yonasan: Dispute with them. Radak ? i.e. you want to judge them in their evil ? rebuke them for their evil deeds.


Malbim: They came to the Navi to seek Hashem, or so the Navi will judge them based on Torah laws. Therefore, He said "Ben Adam" ? if they did not come to seek Hashem, rather, for you to judge them like a [regular] person based on your knowledge of Torah, and not as a Navi.


Why does it say "Es To'avas Avosam Hodi'em"?


Radak: Inform them also of their fathers' abominations; they angered Me with the work of their hands.


Malbim: They already veered from Torah from the days of their fathers.

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