[24a - 24 lines; 24b - 19 lines]

1)[line 1]עשה כולן למעלהASAH CHULAN L'MA'ALAH- the Kohen offered all of the birds as Olos ha'Of (even though half of them were supposed to be Olos and half of them were supposed to be Chata'os ha'Of)

2)[line 2]מחצה כשר ומחצה פסולMECHTZAH KASHER U'MECHTZAH PASUL- half of the birds are valid (the Olos) and half of them are invalid (the Chata'os)

3)[line 4]את שלמעלה מחצה כשר ומחצה פסול ואת שלמטה מחצה כשר ומחצה פסולES SHEL'MA'ALAH MECHTZAH KASHER U'MECHTZAH PASUL V'ES SHEL'MATAH MECHTZAH KASHER U'MECHTZAH PASUL- that is, as opposed to the ruling in the first Perek (Kinim 1:3), where the Chachamim will tell the Kohen not to offer half of the birds, in this Mishnah, where the Kohen did not ask advice and offered all of them, half of the birds that he offers are invalid

4)[line 9]המרובה כשרHA'MERUBAH KASHER- the number of valid birds equals the total number of birds of the woman who has the most Kinim

5)[line 10]כל מקום שאתה יכול לחלוק את הקניןKOL MAKOM SHE'ATAH YACHOL LA'CHALOK ES HA'KININ- that is, when the women each have an equal number of birds

6)[line 23]והיא מתחלקת ביניהןV'HI MIS'CHALEKES BEINEIHEM- the Chatas is valid for one of the women and the Olah is valid for the other woman (and each one must bring another two birds to fulfill her obligation)

7)[line 23]חטאת שנתערבה בחובה ...CHATAS SHE'NIS'ARVAH B'CHOVAH ...- the ruling of the first Perek (Kinim 1:2), that when a Chatas ha'Of becomes intermingled with Kinei Chovah, the number of birds that are valid equals the number of Chata'os in the Kinei Chovah, is qualified in this Mishnah


8)[line 1]חובה שנים בחטאתCHOVAH SHENAYIM B'CHATAS- the number of birds in the Kinei Chovah is double the number of Chata'os ha'Of

9)[line 2]חטאת שנים בחובהCHATAS SHENAYIM B'CHOVAH- and the number of Chata'os ha'Of is double the number of total birds of the Kinei Chovah

10)[line 6]הרי עלי קן כשאלד זכרHAREI ALAI KEN KESHE'ELED ZACHAR- I obligate myself to offer a Ken Neder (two Olos ha'Of) if I give birth to a baby boy (in which case she will also be obligated to offer a Ken Chovah)

11)[line 11]צריכה להביא עוד פרידה אחתTZERICHAH LEHAVI OD PEREIDAH ACHAS- she must offer one more bird as an Olas ha'Of, to complete her Ken Neder (since the Kohen invalidated it when he sacrificed it as a Chatas ha'Of)

12)[line 12]ממין אחדMI'MIN ECHAD- [if her offering had consisted of two birds] of the same species (i.e., either Torim or Bnei Yonah)

13)[line 12]משני מינין, תביא ארבעMI'SHNEI MININ, TAVI ARBA- [if her offering had consisted of two birds] of two different species, she must bring two more Olos, one Tor and one Ben Yonah (since the Kohen must offer the Ken Neder after the Ken Chovah, and it is not known which type was offered last, she must offer one of each to make sure that she fulfilled her obligation - ROSH, RASHI to Zevachim 67b)

14)[line 13]פירשה נדרהPIRSHAH NIDRAH- she specified which type of bird she would bring for her Ken Neder [but she forgot which type she specified]

15)[line 14]קבעה נדרהKAV'AH NIDRAH- she specified that her Ken Neder will be linked to her Olas Chovah, such that it looks like she is bringing a large Korban when she brings three Olos one after the other (and every time that she intends to fulfill her obligation of offering her Ken Neder, she must be offering an Olas Chovah at the same time) [and she specified which type of bird she would bring as her Ken Neder but she forgot which type she specified]

16)[line 18]צריכה להביא עוד ארבע פרידיםTZERICHAH LEHAVI OD ARBA PEREIDIM- that is, she must start again and offer Korbanos that insure that she has fulfilled all of her obligations

17)[last line]חטאת אחתCHATAS ACHAS- one Chatas as her Chatas Chovah, of any type she chooses, since she has just offered both types of birds as her Olas Chovah