ERUVIN 7 - Dedicated by Rabbi Dr. Eli Turkel of Raanana, l'Iluy Nishmas his mother, Golda bas Chaim Yitzchak Ozer (Mrs. Gisela Turkel) who passed away on 25 Av 5760. Mrs. Turkel accepted Hashem's Gezeiros with love; may she be a Melitzas Yosher for her offspring and for all of Klal Yisrael.

[7a - 40 lines; 7b - 14 lines]

1)[line 13]שדרה וגולגולתSHIDRAH V'GULGOLES

(a)A k'Zayis of the flesh of a Mes (corpse) is an "Avi Avos ha'Tumah" and is Metamei through Maga (contact), Masa (carrying), and Ohel (being in the same room (lit. tent). An Ohel is defined as a covered space that is at least one Tefach in length, width and height. If a person becomes Tamei with Tum'as Mes, he must wait seven days to go to the Mikvah. Furthermore, on the third and seventh days he must have Mei Chatas (water mixed with ashes of the Parah Adumah - see Background to Chulin 29:15) sprinkled on him.

(b)In an Ohel ha'Mes, the house or room becomes Tamei even if the Mes is passing through it and does not stop moving. A person who enters an Ohel ha'Mes becomes Tamei even if only a bit of his body enters, even when entering backwards. A Mechitzah (partition) in an Ohel ha'Mes only prevents the spread of Tum'ah if it reaches the ceiling. (RASH to Kelim 1:4)

(c)The bones of a Mes are only Metamei through Ohel under one of three conditions: 1. They constitute a quarter of a Kav (Rova ha'Kav); 2. They are the majority of the human body (whether they are the majority of the build (Rov Binyano) of the body or the majority of the number (Rov Minyano) of 248 bones; 3. The bone is a complete skull (Gulgoles) or a complete spinal column (Shidrah). In order to be Metamei through Maga and Masa, it is enough for the bone to be the size of a Se'orah (a grain of barley). An incomplete spine or skull are therefore Metamei through Maga and Masa. Beis Shamai and Beis Hilel disagree as to the amount missing at which point they are no longer Metamei through Ohel. (For a further discussion of Tum'as Ohel, as to objects that prevent or spread Tum'ah, see Background to Chulin 36:11:d-e.)

2a)[line 17]חוליותCHULIYOS- vertebrae

b)[line 17]מקדחMAKDE'ACH- auger, a tool for making holes in wood, consisting of a crosswise handle fitted to a straight metal rod having a screw point

3)[line 24]גמריה איסתפיק ליהGAMREI ISTAPIK LEI- he was in doubt as to the correct version of the Mishnah (Rosh Hashanah 2a) that he learned

4a)[line 29]סרטיאSERATYA- a wide street

b)[line 30]פלטיאPELATYA- a wide, open plaza in a city where people gather for business

5)[line 39]אם היה מבוי כלה לרחבהIM HAYAH MAVOY KALAH L'RECHAVAH- if the Mavoy opened directly onto Reshush ha'Rabim at one end and at the other end opened onto a Rechavah (an enclosed area behind the houses) which had a break in its far wall, leading into another Reshus ha'Rabim (making it possible to walk in a straight line from one Reshus ha'Rabim to the other through the Mavoy and Rechavah)


6)[line 2]מבוי שנפרץ במלואו לחצרMAVOY SHE'NIFRATZ B'MILU'O L'CHATZER- a Mavoy whose far wall broke down completely onto a courtyard

7)[line 6]דורא דרעותאDURA D'RA'AVASA- (a) a village of shepherds; (b) a place called Dura d'Ra'avasa

8)[line 12]אסברא לךASBERA LACH- I will explain to you [what Rav meant when he prohibited carrying in the Mavoy that broke open onto a Chatzer]