ERCHIN 15 (28 Sivan) - dedicated to the memory of Hagaon Rav Yisroel Zev (ben Rav Avrohom Tzvi) Gustman, ZT'L, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Netzach Yisrael-Ramailes (in Vilna, Brooklyn, and then Yerushalayim), author of Kuntresei Shi'urim, and renowned Dayan in pre-war and post-war Vilna, in honor of his Yahrzeit (28 Sivan). Dedicated by Talmidim who merited to study under him in Yerushalayim: Harav Eliezer Stern of Brooklyn NY, Rav Avraham Feldman, Rav Mordecai Kornfeld, Yechiel Wachtel, Michoel Starr and Dr. Yehoshua Daniel of Yerushalayim

[15a - 45 lines; 15b - 52 lines]

**********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any other important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Gemara 15a [line 31]:

"Ela Amar Rabah... va'Yamusu ha'Anashim" אלא אמר רבה ... וימותו האנשים

It appears that the word "Ela" אלא is unnecessary

[2] Rashi 15b DH Hai Minaihu ד"ה הי מינייהו:

The word "Kesiv Gedolos" כתיב גדולות

should be "Kesiv Gadlus" כתיב גדלות


1)[line 21]לא מלא סאתןLO MALEI SE'ASAN- their measure (of sins) was not filled

2)[line 23]"במלאת ספקו יצר לו""BI'MLOS SIFKO YETZER LO"- "When the amount that suffices will be filled, he will be in straits" (Iyov 20:22)

3)[line 30]אל תיקרי (כי חזק הוא) ממנו אלא ממנוAL TIKREI (KI CHAZAK HU) "MIMENU" ELA "MIMENU"- do not explain this as "from us" but as "from Him" (both Hebrew words are spelled and pronounced the same) (TOSFOS 15b DH Al)

4)[line 42]נחל קישוןNACHAL KISHON (SISRA)

(a)After the death of the Shofet Ehud ben Geira, Bnei Yisrael became lax in their observance of Torah and Mitzvos. In order to prompt them to do Teshuvah, HaSh-m caused King Yavin of Chatzor to attack and subjugate them. After twenty years of subjugation under the cruel general Sisera, Benei Yisrael finally repented and cried out to HaSh-m to save them.

(b)Since they were now worthy of redemption, HaSh-m told Devorah the prophetess that if Benei Yisrael wage war against Sisera, they will be successful. She and Barak ben Avino'am led Bnei Yisrael to victory, with the help of HaSh-m, who caused a flash flood in Nachal Kishon that wiped out much of Sisera's army and all of his 900 iron chariots. Sisera escaped the battlefield, only to be killed by Ya'el, the wife of Chever ha'Keini. The account of this battle and the glorious Song of Devorah that it inspired are recorded in Shoftim 4-5.


5)[line 4]"והאספסוף אשר בקרבו""V'HA'SAFSUF ASHER B'KIRBO"- "And the mixed multitude that was in the their midst [of Benei Yisrael"] (Bamidbar 11:4)

6)[line 17]"מלשני בסתר רעהו אותו אצמית [גבה עינים ורחב לבב אותו לא אוכל]""MELASHNI VA'SESER RE'EHU, OSO ATZMIS; [GEVAH EINAYIM U'RECHAV LEVAV, OSO LO UCHAL.]"- "He who slanders his neighbor in secret, him will I cut down; [one with haughty eyes and an expansive heart, him I cannot bear.]" (Tehilim 101:5)

7)[line 19]לחלוטיןL'CHALUTIN- permanently, in a finalized manner

8)[line 19]מצורע מוסגר/ מצורע מוחלטMETZORA MUSGAR / METZORA MUCHLAT (HESGER / HECHLET)

When a person, article of clothing made of wool or linen, or a house develops a mark of Tzara'as, a Kohen must ascertain whether or not it is Tamei. Under certain conditions, the Kohen puts them in quarantine (Hesger), and returns after a week to see what changes, if any, have happened to the mark. A person, article of clothing, or house that is confirmed to be Tamei is called Muchlat. (See Background to Erchin 3:4b for the different types of Nega'im of a person and their respective laws.)

9)[line 20]פריעה/ פרימהPERI'AH / PERIMAH

A Metzora Muchlat (a person whom the Kohen has confirmed to be a Metzora; see previous entry) must let his hair grow ("Peri'ah"), make a tear ("Perimah") of at least a Tefach in his clothes and cover his head down to his lips like a mourner, as stated in Vayikra 13:45.

10)[line 23]"אם ישוך הנחש בלא לחש ואין יתרון לבעל הלשון""IM YISHOCH HA'NACHASH B'LO LACHASH, V'EIN YISRON L'VA'AL HA'LASHON."- If the snake bites because it was not charmed, then there is no benefit to the master of the tongue." (Koheles 10:11)

11a)[line 25]דורסDORES- treads its prey

b)[line 25]טורףTOREF- tears apart its prey

12)[line 27]"שתו בשמים פיהם ולשונם תהלך בארץ""SHATU VA'SHAMAYIM PIHEM, U'LESHONAM TIHALACH BA'ARETZ."- "They direct (place) their mouth against Heaven, and their tongue struts on earth." (Tehilim 73:9)

13)[line 29]"צמתו בבור חיי וידו אבן בי""TZAMSU VA'BOR CHAYAI, VA'YADU EVEN BI."- "They cut off my life in a pit (dungeon), and they threw a stone at me." (Eichah 3:53)

14)[line 33]גחלי רתמיםGACHALEI RESAMIM- coals of Rotem wood, which continue to burn inside long after their exterior is extinguished. A person who speaks Lashon ha'Ra appears harmless on the outside, when actually he is very destructive; also, the devastating effects of slander are long-enduring.

15)[line 34]"חץ שחוט לשונם מרמה דבר""CHETZ SHACHUT LESHONAM, MIRMAH DIBER."- "Their tongue is a sharpened arrow; it speaks deceit." (Yirmeyahu 9:7)

16)[line 35]"מרפא לשון עץ חיים וסלף בה שבר ברוח""MARPEI LASHON, ETZ CHAYIM; V'SELEF BAH, SHEVER BA'RU'ACH."- "The healing of the tongue is the tree of life; perverseness of the tongue is a downtrodden spirit." (Mishlei 15:4)

17)[line 49]איכא נורא בי פלניאIKA NURA BEI PLANYA- there is a fire in the house of so-and-so

18)[line 50]היכא משתכח נורא אלא בי פלניא דאיכא בשרא וכווריHEICHA MISHTAKE'ACH NURA ELA BEI PLANYA, D'IKA BISRA V'CHAVREI- where can a fire be found if not in the house of so-and-so where there is plenty of meat and fish