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Sammy Finkelman asked:

IO've been reading some things and stumbled across this Daf and now it up here. In Background to the Daf, top pof 24b you translate CHIFUM B'VA'ATZ - they covered them with tin (O.F. estain - tin

That is what Rashi says. But there is probably an extra Beis there and it was covered with wood. Soncino indicates Munich manuscript has wood.

Also somewhere oit is written Rabbi Yoso son of Rabbi Yehuda says even with wood may not make.Wjhere is that taken from (I was led into this by a book )

Sammy Finkelman, Brooklyn

The Kollel replies:

The correct Girsa would seem to be "Ba'atz," tin as we quoted it, and as it appears in three places in the Talmud (Rosh Hashanah 24, Avodah Zarah 43, Menachos 28). There would be no point in covering the iron with wood . Covering it with tin, though, would make it look more like silver.

The quote from Rebbi Yosi son of Rebbi Yehudah appears in the three places mentioned above. He proves his opinion, that wood is acceptable for the Menorah, from the fact that the Hasmoneans made a wooden Menorah. Those who disagreed (and maintained that the Menorah must be made of metal) retorted that he got the facts wrong; to the contrary, the Menorah the Hasmoneans made was made of iron and covered with tin etc. (It is common in Mishnaic literature for differing opinions to argue over details of a story that occurred.)

Best wishes,

M. Kornfeld