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sender hirth asked:

can you please explain the last two lines of the second tosfos on 38a, starting from the word "v'shma" which is the last word of the line?

sender hirth, new york city, far rockaway 11691

The Kollel replies:

The last two lines are two different answers of Tosfos for the same question. That question is why the Gemara bothered asking a question from Ayo on Rebbi Yochanan, as Rebbi Yochanan does not seem to agree to Ayo.

Answer 1: The Gemara had in mind to give the answer that it eventually gave. It asked an easy-to-answer question just so that it could give this answer in a question and answer format. But it is indeed quite possible (as Tosfos explained) that Rebbi Yochanan does not hold of Ayo, and the question was therefore not a difficult one to answer.

Answer 2: Rabeinu Shimshon from Shanz answered that even if he did not hold of Ayo, and Rebbi Yehudah never said the statement attributed to him (that Ayo said what he said), there certainly was some Tana who did say it. This is why Rebbi Yochanan found it necessary to answer that the Chacham already came.

According to this answer (that Rebbi Yochanan indeed meant these comments seriously), the Gemara's question is a valid question.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose