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Asher Breatross asked:

I have the following question about the Gemara. R' Meir says that one could build a Sukah on a live animal. Why does he also say that you cannot use a live animal as the wall of a Sukah? Is there a contradiction in his view? If no, how can it be resolved?

Asher Breatross

The Kollel replies:

Walls of a succah are required to be valid all seven day of succas in order for a succah to be kosher.

Rebbi Meir says that a Sukah that has an animal functioning as a wall is invalid because we suspect that such a wall won't last for all seven days (either because it might die according to Abyaa or because it might run away according to R'Zeira).

In a Sukah built on top of an animal, the requirement that it be useable for all seven days does not pose a problem according to Rebbi Meir even though it isn't permissible to climb upon it on Yom Tov since Midoraisa it is permissible to climb on it and the rabbinical prohibition of climbing onto an animal doesn't invalidate the Sukah.

We are also not worried that the animal might die, and the owner will "lose" his Sukah, since in this case the Sukah can stand on the ground even if the animal is dead.

Best wishes, Yossi