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Judith asks:

Please tranlate the following words: 2b: Machzekes 3a: Asukah Mehadri 3b: Chazu l'Milsaihu

Thank you,


The Kollel replies:

Dear Judith,

Below are the answers to your questions concerning translations of terms in the Gemara. I suggest that you make contact with any one of the several Jewish educational organizations in the Baltimore area, who can be of more assistance to you. If you need a referral to a specific organization or rabbi, please let us know which neighborhood you live in and we will try to help.

2b: Machzekes -- contains

3a: Asukah Mehadri -- on the Sukah it (i.e. the discussion) is going back (that is, the discussion is referring to the status of the Sukah, and not to whether or not the person did the Mitzvah in the correct manner)

3b: Chazu l'Milsaihu -- they are fit to be used for the specific purpose for which they were made

Y. Shaw