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Sholem asks:

Why does the Gemoro not entertain the other klal used in melichoh of 'eido detorid lemivloh lo boloh'

Sholem, UK

The Kollel replies:

I think that this question is on 74a, near the bottom of the page. The Gemara states that the Mulyita is permitted. The meat has not been salted properly and is now being stuffed into the body of the sheep and roasted. The Gemara asks why is the sheep permitted; should we not say that it absorbs the blood from the meat stuffing?! The Gemara answers k'Bolo Kach Polto; whatever blood is absorbed into the sheep is sucked out by the heat of the fire. In this Gemara it would not be applicable to say "eido detorid lemiflot lo boloh"; "because the sheep is busy ejecting its blood it does not absorb blood from outside"; since the sheep is not undergoing a process of hechser to remove the blood from it; so it is not torid lemiflat; it is not ejecting blood.

Yasher Koach

Dovid Bloom