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Can you help me out with the translations of the aramic terms for foods that Tos 37b brings down???

The Kollel replies:

The words in Tosfos are not Aramaic, but French. They all describe different types of grain-based dishes, which fit into the different categories that Tosfos establishes with regard to the blessing to be recited. There do not necessarily exist exact terms in English to represent those foods, because those foods are not necessarily known in the English speaking world (just like there is no Hebrew word for "hamburger", or English word for "Felafel"). Nevertheless, here is a general idea of some of the words in Tosfos:

LePansuli - clod of dough mixed with oil

Panitalti - crumbs soaked in water

Galtuni - a flat cracker backed with ashes

Virabli - some sort of bread-cake

Ofaltiki - a wafer-like cake (patisseries or oublies in French)

Garimasli - a cooked dish made of crumbs of dough