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Yakov Friedman asks:

ON 9B the mishna lists 5 who bring an Olah Vyored. ON 2b the sha's explained that 5 is l'afukei from Rav Eliezer. Rashi explains there that the mishna could go like Rav Yosi Haglili or Rav Shimon or Rav Akiva. My problem is that at the end of the second perek of horios Rabe Akiva's shita is that a cohen mashiach only brings a par for bitu sfasayim, tumas mikdosh ukdoshav and shmias kol. According to Rashi on 2b, in order to be the tana of this mishna one must hold that everyone is either potur or chayiv an olah vyored for the five cases . (Even the Oruch l'Ner on 2b mentions that the shas doesn't mention that the mishna isnt' Rav Akiva because all the cases can't go like him ( although he should agree by a metzorah because his ptur of a cohen moshiach only should apply to cases where a mincha is a posssible korbon per the sugya in horios.) So why does Rashi suggest that Rav Akiva could be the tana of the mishna?

The Kollel replies:

Excellent question. I can't look into it right now, if I see anything on the matter I'll BE"H let you know.

Aleh v'Hatzlach!