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Dovid Cohen comments:

Here is quick hadran for you on Kerisus:

The Gemara concludes with the story of the Kohen Godol whose hands were chopped off. The king and queen had questioned whether sheep or goat tastes nicer and he gave the queen's answer, that sheep tastes nicer. The punishment was retribution for not treating kodshim with respect, by bandaging his hands not to get them dirty.

3 pirushim:

Kaf Hachayim in Yagel Yaakov: People's neshomos come from Kayin- gevurah and symbol of justice - the goat, and Hevel, chesed and a sign symbolised by the sheep.

People from Kayin have a much harder correction than those from Hevel. But if they succeed they become on a much higher level than someone who is from chesed whose correction is easier. This was the question, who is greater, the one who has it easy or the one who has it hard and may not succeed -the one from chesed was the answer.

Ben Yehoyada in Pesachim: Yannai felt that Chanuka is a greater festival than Pesach. Chanuka starts in the month of the tribe of Gad and finishes in the month symbolised by the goat. Pesach is in the month of the sheep.

Yannai felt that Chanuka (from where his whole dynasty came into being) was greater, but the queen felt that Pesach is greater, the Kohen Godol answered that Pesach where the Yetzias Mitzrayim is mentioned always, tamid, this one gets more importance.

The Ben Yehoyada concludes that his name Yisachar refers to that he will get his reward in this world, with kefar a reference to the kepara he achieved in this world. Barkai refers to Akroi, meaning unusual - this unusual event was the way for his forgiveness in this world.

Chasam Sofer in Pesachim: Yannai felt that a rich man is greater than the scholar, with gedi a symbol meaning maazel, one who is rich. The sheep signifies the scholar who uses his words, imaros, meaning words, and the queen said he is greater. Yannai felt that the rich man who supports the scholar is greater. But the queen disagreed. The kohen answered that the scholar's learning is uninterrupted, he is greater than the rich man who supports now and then.

He adds that the kohen godol who in the times of bayis sheni only had their position because of money and bribes, when he said that money was not important, this made Yannai particularly angry and he cut off his hands.

kol tuv