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David Dyckman asked:


In the insights to the daf article on A"Z daf 3 it is stated that Shitas Rashi is that Goyim are excempt from the 7 mitzvot but punished for violating them. I have debated with others if this is within the maskana or maybe only within the hava amina in the Gemara but teh maskana may be they are mechuyav but only get schar as eino metsuva - does anyone state clearly that Rashi's Shita is that Goyim are not mechuyav? do you know of any other Rishonim/Achronim that are of the opinion that Goyim are not Mechuyav in the 7 Mitzvos?



David Dyckman, Beit Shemesh Israel

The Kollel replies:

I believe a clear reading of Rashi (DH "Lomar") indicates that he is discussing the Hava Amina of the Gemara. This is why he starts off by saying, "This permission is not for their good etc." which was the question before Mar Brei d'Ravina's answer. (The Gemara is no longer bouncing off of that question when it reaches the conclusion regarding Metzuvah v'Oseh). There is no reason to say that Rashi would not hold they are Mechuyav and only get Sechar like a Metzuvah v'Oseh.

There are some Rishonim/Achronim who hold that Nochrim are no longer Mechuyav in the 7 Mitzvos, such as the Teshuvos Rama Mi'Pano (#123), who is a borderline Rishon. The Teshuvos Pnei Yehoshua (vol. 1, Yoreh De'ah #3 and vol. 2, Even Ha'Ezer #3) and Beis Yehudah (#17) hold that they are only obligated in the Sheva Mitzvos mid'Rabbanan. However, they are certainly the (small) minority opinion among the Poskim.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose