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Noach asked:

When five sets of malkus are established as being the penalty for the various "transgressions" how do we understand this? Does it mean literally 195 blows, subject to the medical advice??!! If it means that the number is more than 39 or less than the total required is there a "kapporah?" If it is that there is a multiple application sentence, is it delivered all together or over a time after allowing each to heal?

Noach , Israel

The Kollel replies:

The Mishnah (Makos 22b) writes that if when he is Chayav two Makos he is able to sustain even three Makos of the second set of Makos (i.e. three more than 39) according to the estimate of the court ("Omed"), he gets a total of 42 Makos and is exempt from further Makos. However, if he is only able to sustain less than 39, he is first given the first set and then after he heals he is given a second set (the amount of which is determined by the Omed of Beis Din).

D. Zupnik