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arthur Zipris asked:

The gemora presents eight scearios to the argument between Rabbo Meir and the Rabonnon about the number of judges for a case of motzi shem ra. the first five are listed by name: Ulla, Rabba, Abbayem etc. The sixth mentioned is Ravina, and the last two are introduced by :v-boas ah-ma" but not be a name. Does this represnet an argument about what Ravina holds, and if so, where do we see that argument in the last three cases themselves?

arthur Zipris, pittsburgh, Penna

The Kollel replies:

These answers do not represent an argument about what Ravina really holds. They are merely alternate scenarios that can "plug in" to the argument between Rebbi Meir and the Rabanan.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose