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Ronen Dvash asked:

Out of these sugyas , it comes out we apply Rov by a metzieah. However what about a case which the item found is 100% not the Jews. IE: I'm walking through Sqvaretown where the populace is 99.9% Jew and 6 goyim who take care of things. I find on the floor a beautiful gold neclace with a cross on it; in a case like this would we also say to go after Rov and I have to announce this cross or not?

Thank you very much!

Ronen Dvash, Staten Island

The Kollel replies:

[This response should not be construed as a Halachic ruling on the question. Rather, it is an exploration of the topic to help our readers become more familiar with the issues involved.]

You definitely don't have to announce it, as there is no question it is an Aveidas Akum (see CM 266:1).

Kol Tuv,

Yaakov Montrose

[I hope this response has clarified the issue. For all practical questions on the issue, please consult your local Orthodox rabbi.]