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1. Rashi DH Ela LAv 2. Shichechas ha'Ba'al b'Sadeh

david levin asks:

Does rashi agree with tosfos that in the sadeh the baal just needs to remember in the beginning, or does the baal need to remember throughout? (in the insights to the daf on ur sight it was mashma the second way but I cudnt understand or find that anywhere... Where should I look?) thank you so much and yasher koach with this wonderful initiative!

david levin, south africa johannesburg

The Kollel replies:

1. We wrote in the Insights to the Daf that Rashi (DH Ela Lav) seems to understand that the Gemara is referring to a case in which the owner never forgot the sheaf and it was only the workers who forgot it." We also wrote that Tosfos (DH Zachur) explains that the owner himself originally remembered the sheaf and later forgot it.

2. The source for this is what the above Rashi writes, that the owner remembered that he had deliberately placed it there and in the end forgot it through his workers. This implies that only the workers forgot it but not the owner.

Kol Tuv,

Dovid Bloom