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Mayer Rabinowitz asked:

On 55b Rasi d"h "achas shel shechina" says that each one of the four wives had a tent, and in the tent there was a bed for themselves and an empty bed for Yaakov. When Yaakov was ready to go to sleep he would see which bed had the shechina on top of it and he would sleep there. If this was true, then Yaakov had four beds. Doesn't this contradict Rashi in Bereishis perek 35 Posuk 22 d"h "vayishkav" that says that Yaakov "took" his bed from Rochel's tent and put it in Bilha's? Didn't he already have a bed there ? And if so, then what exactly did reuvain do?

Mayer Rabinowitz, Jacksonville, Fl

The Kollel replies:

You refer to a discrepancy between Rashi in the Gemara Shabbos and Rashi in the Chumash.Look again in the Gemara Shabbos, and you will see that Rashi in Chumash is cited there too, in the Gemara itself. In fact, we are talking about a Machlokes Tana'im. The latter is the opinion of R. Shimon ben Elazar, who makes no mention of the Shechinah; whereas the former is the opinion of Acherim (R. Meir), who speaks about two beds, that of the Shechinah and that of Ya'akov.

I assume that Rashi in Chumash prefers to cite the opinion of R.Shimon ben Elazar, because at the beginning of the Sugya, that is how R.Shmuel ban Nachmeni Amar R. Yonasan (an Amora) holds.

be'Virchas Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler.