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Shabtai Nacson asked:

Shanah Tovah and Chatimah Tova. I was wondering what isthe heter for opening an electric oven on Shabath. The Gemarah says that we are not allowed to add more oil to a flask in order to prolong the fire or the candle to burn longer. By opening the electric oven door ( to retrieve the food on Shabath) you are causing the element to glow red because of the heat loss due to opening the door. Therefore, it seems that it is the same effect of prolonging the fire . You will say it is a grama , are we allowed to be gorem on something for sure will happen due to our action.

Look forward to your reply and insight.

Best Regards and Shanah Tovah.

Shabtai Nacson, Mississauga, Canada

Rav Feinhandler replies:

The reason that we may open the oven is because doing so is not a Pesik Reishei, as we do

not know for sure that there is a result at the moment of the opening of the

door of the oven. See my Teshuvah on this topic in Shut Avney Yashpeh Vol I.

Rabbi Yisroel Pesach Feinhandler