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albert asked:

kirah- i understood it was pot on open fire were you would place a piece of metal on it than a pot to cook--

i asked the question if to put a pot on kirah is not permitted if not gerufah or ketuma than what do be accomplish with using a blech same way they cooked in kirah than - i received 2 answered eith it was cooked directly over the fire --as the gemara says it had air to get in (37a bottom) or they had a mesh piece of metal and put pot on it ?but remembered once learning than they use to put a piece of cheres under pot ?

albert , new jersey

The Kollel replies:

In a Kirah the pot was open to the fire, and it rested on the walls of the Kirah.

There were several Rabbanim who claimed that the Blech does not accomplish making the Kirah Garuf v'Katum since it does not cool the fire. However, Igros Moshe OC 1:93 is Matir.

D. Zupnik