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Aral asked:


I ask again my question because of the hebrew caracters which were not legible.

Your insight shabbos 14a : 1) EATING TERUMAH THAT IS TAMEI QUESTION: The Gemara explains that the reason the Rabanan made a decree that a person becomes Tamei if he eats food that was Tamei with Sheini l'Tum'ah is because he might put Terumah into his mouth when the Tamei food is there, and the Terumah will become Tamei ("Shlishi"). RASHI (DH u'Pasil Lehu) explains that he will thereby transgress the Mitzvah to preserve the Taharah of Terumah. Why does Rashi not give the much more obvious concern, that if the Terumah becomes Tamei from the other food inside his mouth, he will be eating Terumah Teme'ah, which is punishable with death? This question may also be asked on the Gemara itself. The Gemara says that the problem is that he might put Terumah in his mouth and "invalidate it" ("u'Pasil Lehu"; that is, make it Tamei). The Gemara should have said instead that he may put Terumah in his mouth and "eat Terumah which is Tamei" (which is a very severe transgression)!

My question: You say that a cohen eating Terumah Teme'ah is punishable with death. I don't see this in Rambam t'roumot zain alef ve guimel. I understand that if he is taor d'oraita and eat T'rouma Teme'ah he is transgressing an "aseh" ( It is the case in our gemara) But only a cohen tamei; eating t'rouma tehora is punishable with death min ha chamayim ( which is not the case in our gemara).

Thank's for your explication. Shalom ve kol tov.

Aralcute;, Boulogne, France

The Kollel replies:

What you write is certainly the opinion of the Rambam, whose source is the Gemara in Yevamos 73a.

However, the Maharsha on our Gemara says that a Tahor who ate Terumah Temei'ah is liable to Misah b'Yidei Shama'im. Both Rebbi Akiva Eiger and the Rashash ask the question which you ask, on the Maharsha.

It would appear that the Maharsha is asking according to Rashi's opinion (Bechoros 12b DH Chalah) that there is Misah b'Yidei Shama'im for a Tahor who ate Terumah Temei'ah. (See also Tosfos in Avodah Zarah 46b DH Abaye.) However, we must still find an answer to the question oon Rashi from the Gemara in Yevamos 73a.

Dov Freedman