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1. Tzericha 2. Who still has a Chashash after Rov

Yontiv Priluck asked:

Why are the Rabinim choshesh here where Rebbi Meir is not, yet we saw on beis amud beis that the Rabinim were quiet (had no chashash) and Rebbi Meir was the one with the chashash! Granted on beis we deal with rov and on chaf ches we deal with chazakah - however, we Also deal with rov here on chaf ches "rov chaim l'chaim"!

Yontiv Priluck, Skokie, IL

The Kollel replies:

The Mordechai in Chulin (10:737) raises this question and answers (as explained by the Rema in his notes on the Mordechai) that Rebbi Meir is only Choshesh for Miyut in the case of Ruba d'Leisa Kaman, but in the case of Ruba d'Isa Kaman Rebbi Meir is not Choshesh for Miyut, and Chazakah is similar to a Ruba d'Isa Kaman.

Dov Freedman