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Boruch Kahan asked:

In the Gemoro Sotah Daf 35a the Gemoro discusses a Possuk from Tehillim where ultimately Dovid Hamelech got punished for the choice of his words where he compares Torah to Zimroh.

In your Insights on the Daf you do have quite a discussion on this based on the fact that this contradicts various other Gemoros and Maamorei Chazal with various Tirutzim which I have had a look at and Shkoyach. But I still have 1 outstanding difficulty. Surely it is inappropriate for an Amoira such as Rovo to criticise a Loshon of Dovid Hamelech and Keilu have a Taaneh on his use of words.

Sof Sof the Gemoro does not Far Enfer the criticsm, so Lichoroh how can this Possuk find itself in the final Mesoiroh of Dovid Hamelech's Tehillim if the Gemoro is not happy with it. Or to put it another way surely now that it is a Possuk in Tehillim 119 then the Gemoro should give us Pshat in it otherwise every time we say it we will be Keilu punished for using this Loshon and I dont think the Shtikel Torah seems to touch that point. So what is Pshat?

Boruch Kahan, London U.K.

The Kollel replies:

Rav Shach in his preface to Avi Ezri (Hafla'ah) asks your question, and explains that the word Zemiros compares the Torah to Zemiros in two ways. Firstly it means that it flows off a persons mouth like a song, and secondly that a person enjoys it like a song. The criticism of David is that this word implies that he did not spend as much time studying Torah in depth as was compatible for a person of his Madreigah. This is because a person of his Madreigah has more Nisyonos since his Yetzer is stronger (Kol ha'Gadol mei'Chaveiro Yitzro Gadol Heimenu). However the Pasuk is still valid since both its connotations are accurate for people not on the Madreigah of David ha'Melech.

Dov Freedman