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Marc Chipkin asked:

On 3b the Gemara discusses Yosef and how he didn't want to be with Potifer's wife in this world "leshachev ba", "lihiyot ima" in Olam Haba. Why does it say Gan Eden not Gehinnom- surely one would not get to Gan Eden if you committed adultury. The Gemara discusses a case on 4b where even you learned Torah (Cohen Gadol - lifnei velifnim) you will go to Gehinnom if you commit


Marc Chipkin, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Kollel replies:

The term "ha'Olam ha'Ba" refers to the world of the souls, and can mean either Gan Eden or Gehinom, as the Maharsha and Ba'al ha'Turim point out.

D. Zupnik